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Mental Health History
Symptom History - Check any of the following problems that you have experienced in the past six (6) months:
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Panic attacks   Anxiety   Loneliness  
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Headaches   Sleep problems   Appetite disturbances  
Stomach problems   Low self-esteem   Relationship problems  
Difficulty concentrating   Flashbacks   Depression  
Bowel problems   Bladder Control Problems   Fears/Phobias  
Feelings of unreality   Obsessive thoughts   Compulsive behaviors  
Marital problems   Family problems   Difficulty trusting  
Difficulty relaxing   Isolation   Social withdrawal  
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Easily annoyed   Lose track of time   Confusion  
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Have you ever been in counseling before:
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Substance Abuse History
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  Drug Name Last Used (Month/Year)
Have you ever had a DUI?
How many and dates of offense?
Have you ever been treated for alcohol or drug abuse?
Have you ever attended AA/NA or any other peer support recovery group?
Does anyone in your family have a problem drinking and/or using drugs?
If so, who?
Domestic Relationship History
Are you currently in a committed relationship?
If yes, for how long?
Has your partner done any of the following to you or a loved one?
  To you? To someone else? If someone else, who?
Call you names or put down
Wants to always know where whereabouts
Force to give over paycheck
Hit, shove, kick, strangle or use other forms of physical violence
Forbid or limit time with friends or family
Threaten to harm pets
Steal or destroy belongings
Force or coerce unwanted sex
Constantly criticize
Deny access to food, clothing or medical care
Threaten to hurt with or without weapons
Threaten to have deported or disclose sexual orientation
Threaten to take children
Threaten suicide if left
Expectations and Interests
In your own words, why did you come in for services today?
What do you expect to gain from your experience with JF&CS?
Is there anything in your life about which you feel especially proud? Explain:
What are your dreams or goals for your life?
Please describe a time in your life when you were happiest.
Have you ever been physically, sexually or emotionally abused by your partner, or anyone else in your life even once? If so, please explain:
Have you ever physically, sexually or emotionally abused your partner, or anyone else in your life even once? If so, please explain:
Is there anything else about you that you think is important for me to know?
Were you referred by another clinician?
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